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Hello , We Are Direlli

Direlli.We're here to accompany you on your journey, whether it's from an initial idea to design and development or toward your business goals and ambitions. Our services encompass the entire development lifecycle, ranging from product management to software engineering and DevOps.

With over 3 years of industry experience, we've successfully delivered more than 20 software projects with a 100% delivery rate. This track record has established us as a visionary and dependable software engineering partner for leading enterprises and innovative startups worldwide. Our achievements have been recognized on platforms such as TechBehemoths and React Native Development Companies.

Having left our mark globally, we continue to strive for true excellence. While our products and services speak for themselves, we prioritize an agile approach. Every project begins with in-depth discussions about its challenges and goals, allowing us to develop a strategy that ensures success. Collaborating closely with our clients is our method of creating a meaningful digital presence and staying attuned to their evolving needs and priorities.



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What we are giving to

Curious about Direlli? Wondering what it's like to be part of our team? We're a dynamic group of software engineers, developers, and designers, dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge solutions in business connectivity. At Direlli, we're all about fostering an environment where every employee can reach their full potential, utilizing their expertise, creativity, and imagination. We're committed to continuous improvement, ensuring our professionals stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

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High Salary

We value our employees and offer them competitive salary. Besides, we conduct annual salary reviews to encourage self-improvement.

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We provide our employees with necessary benefits and perks to ensure their well-being, growth and happiness.

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We support continuing improvement and always provide opportunities for growth to our employees to keep them motivated and engaged.


What we are giving to

Software is at the core of every modern business. The mandatory factor of growthing of every business is innovative IT solution. But managing to succeed that is hard challenge! And we have a perfect background of managing that kind of challenges. That's where Direlli puts all of his efforts. Our team of dedicated professionals are always there to provide you innovative digital products and information systems which will not only make but keep you amazed! Direlli is a perfect place for covering all lifecycles of product development.

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Dedicated IT specialists

We have gathered the best professionals in the industry to develop something truly extraordinary.

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Quality Service

The aim of our team is to create reliable and user-friendly systems and to execute innovative solutions to enhance your business productivity.

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For us, retrospectives serve as a primary tool in the process of creating a continuous improvement culture. They lead our team to an ideal model of working.

Benefits of Our Outsource and Outstaff Services

The team of Direlli consists of more than 50 passionate individuals are sharing the same core value: a genuine love for our work. Want to be one of us? Jump in and explore our vacancies at Direlli LLC! Apply for the most suitable positions and let's embark on our collaborative journey sooner.

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Benefits of Our Outsource and Outstaff Services

Outstaff and outsource models can be a way out for many companies. Outstaffing or outsourcing with a proven partner allows for high-quality talent mapping, which plays an important role in business growth. Is outsourcing or outstaffing a good idea? Let’s learn together. Here are some benefits of these models:


Enjoy greater flexibility throughout the entire working process. You can increase or decrease the number of specialists you need for your business depending on your projects․


Stay focused on your core business by avoiding distractions from complex IT decisions. Invest more of your resources, time, and energy where it matters most․


Gain access to professional skills quickly. Additionally, these working models will enable you to connect with professionals who may not be available locally․


Enjoy significant cost savings. The service provider is fully responsible for all the equipment and software required to complete the project.

Services We Provide

Our team is here to suggest the best solutions for your business.

Services designed to assist you at every step.

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Software Development

We provide software development services such as desktop, web, and mobile application development, cloud computing, DevOps, QA, UI, and UX.

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Data Analytics

We create advanced data architecutes, implements data solutions and renders managed data analytics services for businesses with different levels of data maturity.

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Machine Learning

Our Engineers have alsmost 10 years of accualated experience in Machine Learning. Be sure they can be trusted with challenging tasks involving ML solutions.

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Quality Assurance & Testing

We help you deliver quality software and provide your end customers with the best experience by defining a set of steps to improve the quality of your software.

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Project Management

The experts in planning, organizing, and managing project activities required to complete any kind of projects are here for you to give you the best quality of work.

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Support and Maintenance

Our team will ensure the reliable functioning of your software through continued support and maintenance.


Want to Partnership ?

Let’s team up! Our team is committed to utilizing technology in the best interests of our partners. If you're innovative and strive for excellence, we'd love to learn more about you and your company. Please get in touch, and we'll promptly respond to your inquiry.